Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reflections, Kelly

As the sun went down 
the pink and blue hues in the soft sky
reflected and danced along the water
The thought of summer being near 
floats through my mind
like the drift wood on the cotton candy colored water 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation: the action of rising, floating or causing something to rise and hover in the air

Paranormal: Not normal, something that cant be explained by science.

Lots of pictures, of the empty background and the model and any other props that will be used in the final image. Making sure the photos are being shot at a low perspective is also important. Shooting the pictures on a cloudy day, when the sun isn't bright is best because there wont be any shadows, this will cause less work when you are producing the final image. Focusing on the attire that the model is wearing is important because it has to naturally flow with what you are trying to accomplish.

Photo by boy_wonder on flickr

Photo by Photodoto on Pinterest

Photo by moosephotography.net

For my levitation image I want it to be super creative. Also include lots of props and objects. I want to do something similar to the 3rd image butt also include a person thats levitating as well. I'm thinking about the setting being on water or in the woods. Im thinking about using different props, but i'm not sure what to use. 




Monday, April 3, 2017

History of Photography

I learned how early photography started, Henry Fox Talbot started exploring photogenic drawing and started with a machine that used light-sensitive paper. This is really important because it gives me an understanding of how advanced we are now and how early the exploration of photography started. The first digital camera being created in 1975 is significant because that was nearly 100 years after Henry Fox Talbot started playing around with the light-sensitive paper and translating photos. This is kind of shocking because 1975 wasn't even 50 years ago and we've come so far with technology from then. I also learned how photography is used to document significant things, like Steve McCurry who photographed "The Afghan Girl". This was published on the National Geographic and was very important because it gave people an understanding of what was happening in other parts of the world. Along with Lewis Hine who photographed children in the workplace in the early 1900's. It showed how bad conditions were for children and showed people what was really happening. Photography can be used in many different ways to represent different cultures and significant events that are happening in the world and this is important to get messages across to others around the world.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Photos with Quotes

For this photo I immediately knew I wanted a quote that was about clouds because they are the majority of this photo. I also wanted a short quote so that it wouldn't take away from the picture and not take up lots of space. I used the layering tool to have each word on its own layer so that I could make it flow across the horizon. I also chose this font because I thought it looked a little old fashioned and for some reason I just thought that it fit with the picture. I also chose the color of the font with the dropper tool and I chose the dark color of the rocks. 

 For this photo I wanted to chose a quote about nature because of the branch thats in the foreground of the picture. I decided on this font because it was a rounded font and very soft and I thought that it worked really well with the photo and the quote itself. I chose the font color with the dropper tool. I used a light colored leaf from the branch. I also used the layering tool and did each word on its own layer so that I could place it in the way that I wanted. 

For this image I wanted a quote that was about the american flag because thats what the main focus of the picture is. I chose the font color because they are part of the flag. I really liked this font because it looked very sophisticated and I like how they are all capital letters. I think that this font works well with the quote itself and the picture as well. I used the layering tool for each line of the quote so that I could place it the way that I wanted. 

I learned a lot about using photoshop even though I didn't use many of the tools. It was interesting getting an introduction to it and learning how to add text and manipulate it in many different ways. The placement of the quotes within the picture make a difference on how you view the picture, if I would have placed the different quotes in different places it definitely would have changed the way that the quote is tied with the picture. I learned that placement of the text is important to think about. Secondly, I learned that different fonts used for certain quotes kind of give a mood to the quote/image that you are viewing. For example using a rounded font for the text in the second image works better than using it for the last photo. So the font choice you make is super important.

Monday, March 20, 2017


As the sun goes low
the colors start to show.
They blend together
to create a beautiful scene in the cold weather.
In the sky above the planes fly 
as the sun goes down and says good-bye. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

David Hockney inspired Photomontage

We were trying to communicate an alternate place, where things were weird and flipped upside down. As the ground pieces were placed in the sky and the sky pieces were placed on the ground. We wanted to flip the world upside down and it ended up looking really cool. We had the trees coming out of the "ground" which shows how it was flipped upside down. I believe that I was successful in creating the flipped scene that we decided on. I think that people will understand the concept and think that it is a cool idea.

I learned that working with others to create a new idea can be very beneficial because I'm really happy with how it turned out and sometimes we need other people working with us so that we can all express our ideas and figure out which one we want to go with. Working in teams can be challenging but in this project I believe that we all worked well with each other and that benefited the project and my confidence toward the project. I also learned how changing the perspective of a scene and making it the total opposite can completely change how one perceives the scene. All we did was cut up pictures and glue them down in a different place and order and it really changed the whole mood of the scene. I also learned how collaging is a really cool art form. I feel like lots of people think that collaging is a silly thing that children do but it can actually be a really good way to express your art.

Shapes, Organic and Geometric

you are formed together to create a whole,
the beginning, middle and end.

you are cold, gray and square.

you are strong, hefty and collaborative, by working together.

you are the concrete brick that holds the building into one.