Thursday, June 15, 2017

Assignment that I am most proud of

The assignment I am most proud of is the pinhole photographs. I was most proud of these because it was the most unique thing that we did and personally I thought they came out the best out of all the other projects that we worked on. The whole process of creating these was fascinating to me and me being interested in them probably led to why I thought they were the best thing that I created. This project impacted my learning because it was something that I had never done before so it was very new to me, and to be able to learn about how to develop photos was a cool thing to be able to learn and now I have the knowledge about it. Turning them from a negative to a positive was super interesting too because we got to use the light machines and translate the image from one piece of paper to another and for it to become a positive was a cool experience and overall my favorite project that we did this semester.

Most memorable experiences

My first most memorable learning experience was learning about the history of photography, It was very interesting to be able to learn about how photography started and how advanced we have become. Starting from the mid 1800's where they only used paper and a light source, similar to the pinhole photography it was very simple and not technologically advanced. Moving forward to now, learning about all the events and people that helped photography become advanced to where it is now is crazy to think about. It gave me insight into how often we use photos within our everyday lives, social media, sharing different memories, within art museums etc. Learning about the history of photography has helped me learn how we take technology and photography for granted because people way back had to work hard and think about how to take pictures and now all we have to do is open our phone and press the screen. 

My second most memorable learning experience was when we learned about David Hockney, learning about how he manipulated photos to create a whole new perspective on the pictures he took was interesting. When we created our own montage of the pictures it was very cool to see how much we could change the scene and make it something totally different from what it originally was. It taught me how different artists and even regular people can manipulate and create a new form of art from what was originally photographic art. It also taught me about planning out my ideas. Along with making sure my plan for the project would work. This project was also collaborative and that really helped this project be successful and was beneficial to my learning because we all got to come up with an interesting and original idea. 

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

I somewhat achieved my goals for this class, I wanted to understand different aspects within photography and we definitely did that by learning about the history of photos by making those posters and we also learned about pinhole photography, which was interesting to experience a simple way of taking photos. I also didn't achieve part of my goals because we never got taught how to use a camera and learn all the settings with cameras. Which I was sad about because I really wanted to learn how to take good photos and be professional. Like I said in my goal setting, photography is probably one of my favorite types of art and I wanted to expand my knowledge of it, this class really helped me do that. Even though I only achieved part of my goal, I can still learn outside of class about photography and this class really helped me become more interested in photography

Monday, June 12, 2017

Scavenger Hunt


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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pinhole Photography

a.To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works;
b.To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

I learned that you have to be very still and not to move because it could mess up the way that the picture is translated onto the paper. So if you were to move, the person who moved would come out "ghosted" and be almost clear, which is kinda cool, but the picture itself wouldn't come out that good. I also learned that it doesn't take lots of time for the picture to translate onto the paper, which surprised be because I thought it would take way longer than 30 seconds.

The most exciting part was developing the photos, and seeing them show up on the paper after we spent time setting up the picture & waiting for it to take, and running it through all the chemicals. I also think setting up the picture & posing was fun as well because we couldn't see how they were going to show up and thats a surprise in itself.

Forced Perspective Photographs

  • To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs in a unique original way;
  • To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;

I think the most successful one is the one where I'm about to be crushed by my friend Morgan's foot. I think that it's the one that looks most real and convincing. I also really like the one where i'm "running" away from the rubber dinosaur. It's funny and I thought that it would be a cool idea to create. 

I think overall working with photoshop you need patience and have a good hand while outlining the subject and I continue to struggle because I have very little patience and when I start to focus on something I take a really long time doing it. I think just being patient while working with photoshop is something I need to work on and then my photos will come out better. Next time I'm going to be more patient and work harder.